Speeding Tickets

It is sometimes difficult to avoid going over the speed limit in Delaware unless you keep a constant lookout for the speed limit signs or know the roads well. If you are stopped by a police officer i

Red Light/ Stop Sign

You might think that rushing through a red light just as it turns red, or not stopping at a stop sign if you think the road ahead is clear, are minor issues, but the state of Delaware thinks otherwise.

Careless Driving

Careless driving in Delaware, or inattentive driving, which is covered by the same state statute, is an offense which can have serious consequences if it results in harm to a pedestrian, cyclist ..

Why You Need a Delaware Traffic Lawyer

There are many people who take getting a traffic ticket lightly and may even plead guilty to a violation even if they didn’t do it simply because they think it makes life easier for them. Less than 10% of people who get a traffic violation citation fight their charge. Some people may think that hiring a traffic lawyer is too expensive and it is cheaper to pay a fine instead. However, there are many reasons why a traffic violation can add up to be an expensive business and you might find that you cannot afford not to fight the charge and use a lawyer instead.

Traffic Violation Penalties

When you get a ticket there are several different penalties that can affect you in Delaware. These include direct penalties like fines and points, as well as indirect penalties like insurance premium hikes and the effect on your job. The penalties can be summarized as:

  • Fines
  • Points added to your license
  • License Suspension
  • Insurance Premium Increases
  • Income Loss


Most traffic violations in Delaware will result in having points added to your license. This varies from 2 points for being a little over the speed limit to 6 points on your license for reckless driving. Although the points may not actually have any direct effect on you if you have a clean license at the time of the violation, if you accumulate 12 points , then you risk losing your license for a 2 month period, or more if you have more points.

License Suspension

Your license will be suspended automatically if you accumulate 12 or more points. If you only have 12 points you can complete a driver modification course to keep your license, but with 14 or more points, it will mean a mandatory license suspension for 4 or more months. If you are caught speeding at more than 25 mph over the limit you may also have your license suspended

Effect on Insurance Premium

You may find that having a traffic ticket affects your insurance premium. This is because insurance companies see you as more of a risk. The more tickets you get, the higher your premium will be raised. This could be a substantial amount you have to pay year after year.

Effect on Your Job

Although you might be able to apply for a hardship license, having your license suspended can be a burden. This is doubly so if it is a commercial driver license. You may find that your employer no longer wants to employ you, or it may be difficult to apply for another job if being able to drive is part of the requirement.

Why You Need a Lawyer

Add up all the separate costs and they might far outweigh the cost of hiring a lawyer. An experienced Delaware traffic violation lawyer knows the way the law works in this state and is able to help you get your charge dismissed altogether if you are lucky, or at least plea bargain it down to a lesser offense or minimize it substantially.


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    The objectives of Delco’s Driver Improvement Problem Driver Program are manifold: (1) to identify driver’s problems; (2) to change the problematic driver’s behavior by giving information and opportunities for training; (3) if needed be, to impose continuous sanctions after more accumulation of convictions/points on driving record of the individual. Governed by Division Policy Regulation #45, the goal of the program is to prevent crash . There are steps in the program geared to the gravity of the driving record that maybe the cause of an advisory letter, a mandated suspension, and/or taking a driving course on modification of attitude and behavior. Added is a reinstatement fee of $25.00 to be paid at the Division of Motor Vehicles for reinstatement of license. The point system of Delco: speeding violation of 1-9 MPH over posted limit  = 2 points; speeding violation of 10-14 MPH = 4 points; speeding violation of 15 – 19 MPH = 5 points ; speeding 20 MPH = 5 points + other actions including suspension. Point system for: passing a school bus that stopped = 6 points; reckless driving = 6 points; aggressive driving = 6 points; disregarding red light or stop sign = 3 points and other moving violations = 2 points. For the first 12 months from the date of violation, calculated points are credited at full point value. After the initial expiration of initial 12 months, the calculated points will get a half-point value for the next 12 months. All rates are determined by the based upon entire calculated […]

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    Secane Pa. – A 2nd charge of DUI homicide is filed versus a woman from Delaware County who repeated acts of creating havoc while driving her vehicle. Authorities reported that this week, Nichole Labelle, age 24 and resident of Secane is facing her second DUI crash in less than two years. Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood of the Upper Darby reported that the woman was unsteady; her clothes were in disarray and wearing only one shoe when they apprehended her. Labelle in her latest crash hit a car and she told Chitwood that she was driving her vehicle when she hit another vehicle. The officer said just last year, Labelle was DUI when she slammed her car and killed her passenger identified as George Kaminski, age 21. During her last crash, Labelle was out on bail. It is in the news that a awaiting trial on charges of killing a young man while driving impaired in Philadelphia two years ago was again arrested in Upper Darby last Tuesday night for crashing her car while high on heroin and prescription pills. Labelle rammed her vehicle into a parked car that was unoccupied along Westbrook Dr. in the vicinity of Alverstone Rd. at about 8:45 o’clock Tuesday evening. When police reached the scene, they saw that had only one shoe on and was speaking in a slurred manner. She told Chitwood that she got distracted and crashed her car. When police questioned her further, she told officers she had shot up heroin and took doses of Adderall […]

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